Sanctuary Trust’s Offshore Services


Here in Jersey we often think that we are the only offshore jurisdiction worth dealing with. We know there’s a small island across the water called Guernsey that we don’t like to trouble ourselves with, but other than that we are the only island worth considering. In fact, the much under-rated Isle Of Man is host to some fantastic businesses and is a much under rated offshore jurisdiction. Sure, the weather might be terrible, and they don’t enjoy our proximity to Europe, but they are still home to a number of fast growing companies. This week we feature one these companies, Sanctuary Trust, and explain how their services are pushing well beyond the confines of their small island, and helping companies around the world.offshore company

Sanctuary Trust is a professional financial service located in Douglas, in the Isle of Man, offering services such as Asset Protection Trust Services, Intellectual Property Management, Trust Administration, and Trust and Company Structure.

Holding your assets, finances, businesses and estates in a trust is something that everyone should consider at some point, so their assets are protected and not scattered around everywhere. The best way to secure your assets is through an offshore trust, such as one that Sanctuary Trust provides.

Protecting your assets through a trust means there is a financial agreement between a “trustee” who wants to keep their assets protected, and they choose a certain group of people, that specific trust, to do that. They still have their assets, but they are a good distance away from them and safer, too.
An offshore trust is a safe way of having your assets at a distance from you, but still knowing that they are private, protected and safe. Choosing an offshore trust is better than an onshore trust firstly because this means when the owner of the trust dies, they pay less inheritance tax, and it protects that person’s assets from scrutiny, tax and civil legalisation.  Essentially, it makes it harder for creditors to find your assets and/or take them away, and it is designed to keep more wealth in the family.

There is nothing illegal about protecting your family wealth, business or whatever other assets you choose to put in the trust, as long as you pay all the taxes that are due in the UK, or wherever you live. Because of all the advantages, it is in fact something that everyone should consider, for example they can be used for purposes such as tax evasion and money-laundering, and the trust will protect your assets in many ways. One of these ways is when the person who owns the trust dies, their assets will be kept private to protect that person and their descendents. Also, that person’s exact wishes regarding their assets or their money willed to vulnerable people that they want to care for after they die, must be exactly according to that person’s wishes. This will ensure that the assets are used properly. Furthermore, there is protection of that person’s real estate/large sums of money through removing their personal liability so no one could attack their assets in the event of a divorce, bankruptcy etc. Additionally, any properties held within an offshore trust are protected from the complicated probate process after death.

isle of man fiduciary companyProtecting your assets through a trust is a way of knowing your financial status is protected and private, as not a lot of people like their finances being public, and also their businesses, family wealth or whatever else they may want to have shielded by the trust is not at risk.


How Jersey Web Design Agencies Can Increase Their Revenues


In this digital age in which we live, every business needs a website. This means that nearly all businesses will need the services of a web design company at some time or other. Some businesses have such a high demand for these services that they pay a retainer for continual development of their website. Although the demand is high, the competition is also fierce. Many young people are choosing this line of work and pursuing college courses, and even degrees in web design. This means that many web design agencies need to make additional money wherever they can n order to stay profitable in this highly competitive marketplace.

So how can web design companies stay profitable even against all the competition? One of the easiest ways is to offer additional services.

Perhaps the lucrative option is for web design companies to sell search engine optimisation services. Many agencies offer this service on their website, but few actually push it and generate the potential income potential. This is because SEO can be very time consuming, and it’s a very difficult skill to master. But there is an easy solution to selling SEO and not having to bother doing any of the work. That is to offer white label SEO. Many SEO companies will provide discount pricing to web designers so that they can sell SEO services to client and still make a profit. The designer makes a monthly margin and sells the SEO under their own brand but all of the work is done by someone else. This can definitely be seen as a win for everyone involved. The customer gets a great service, the agency makes a sizeable extra revenue stream, and the SEO company receives a new client.

In addition to outsourcing SEO, web design agencies can sell a myriad of additional services. Hosting is an obvious and in many cases very easy product sell. Although margins aren’t great on hosting, is is still a product that can build up over time and make a nice additional stream of income. Ongoing website maintenance is also becoming hugely popular. This means that you have a contract with the client for ongoing monthly development work to keep the website updated and performing well. Any business with a reasonable amount of monthly visitors will need not just a set forget approach, but a constantly evolving and growing website.

The last thing a web design agency can do is to market their services well. Websites with a strong portfolio of work always increase conversions, and there’s no substitute for getting our there and promoting your business to anyone who will listen!

With a good balancing of marketing and selling additional services it’s far easier for web design companies to stay successful.

Jersey Hosts The Island Games

island games

jersey sports

Anyone who lives in Jersey know by now that the Natwest Island Games have now ended, and what a huge success it was. The success of the games can not just be measured by the success of our athletes, who won the games by a comfortable margin, but also by the organisation of everyone involved who made the games possible.

Jersey’s athlete’s certainly seemed to raise their game and perform to the maximum of their abilities in front of the home crowd. Cheered on by thousands of local Jersey folk at all the events, it’s no surprise that Jersey went on to claim 50 Gold medals, 54 silver and 29 bronze. It literally rained medals from the very first day of the games right to the finish and despite some tough competition from the Isle Of Man and the island we love to hate across the water, Jersey were victorious and not for the first time in their history.





jersey cycling team

Image left: The Jersey cycling team must have been inspired by the recent Team Sky win in the Tour De France. We saw some stylish riding, and great fashion in the events. It was interesting to see so many Bolle sunglasses making a comeback in cycling fashion.





But it’s not just the athletes that should be recognized for their achievements in the games. Thousands of people came together to make the games happen, form the organizing committee to the volunteers and sponsors, all of whom made the games the success it was. It’s a massive undertaking to organised so many events, athletes and fans, yet the whole event ran seamlessly, as if it was nothing more than a weekly occurrence on our small island.


And let’s not forget the people of Jersey too. Jersey is always known as being a friendly and welcoming place to visit and that was never more apparent than at the games. Foreign athletes and supporters were welcomed to Jersey and made to feel right at home. The community spirit is strong in Jersey, but that doesn’t mean that foreign visitors are shunned. In fact, Jersey did themselves proud in the way they made the thousands of visitors to the island feel comfortable.


So, now the games are over there is nothing else to do but prepare and look forward to the next island games. Let’s hope Jersey can perform to the same high standards and give us all plenty to cheer for.

Jersey – Channel Islands

Jersey is the biggest and southernmost of the Channel Islands, nearly 87 miles south of Great Britain. Due to it’s proximity to Continental Europe, it showcases the best from both sides of the English Channel.

A small island like Jersey is ideal for short trips but it is enchanting enough for one to decide to stay an extra day. It is only less than an hour away but the fusion of British and continental influences are not to be missed. Everything spells fabulous – the Jersey produce, stylish boutique hotels, impeccable service and memorable island experiences.


Access to Jersey is quick and easy. There are at least 12 flights from Heathrow every day and other regional airports around the country have regular departures. You may also bring your car to the island through the fast ferry services that are readily available. The ferries that leave from the southern England coast take approximately four hours.

Depending on how you make it, this island of only 45 square miles may be a boxful of all kinds of sights, sounds and activities that range from traditional to dynamic and modern or a nice blend of both. Immerse yourself in the unspoiled landscape or its breathtaking coast. Get lost in the town’s winding lanes and soak in the unique blend of British and French influences on the island.

If an action-packed holiday is what you are looking for, Jersey is still the right place to go. Explore magnificent castles and adventure parks, browse through museums and galleries, cycle around the island’s unspoiled terrain or take a boat trip around the islands. Maybe then you can spot a few dolphins or even catch some fish for dinner. Indeed Jersey never lacks excitement.

Looking for a place where you can get away from it all? Jersey is the perfect place and will never disappoint.